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Howdy, gonna break my rules just a bit here so I can get more of this list out to all you fine music-loving folks.  Here’s the next twenty, numbers 60 to 41, from my 100 favorite tracks of 2010.  I know, I know, I know… you must be tearing your eyes out over how many year-end lists the music blogosphere has produced.  So what sets mine apart from the rest?  Listen to find out…

60. GAUNTLET HAIR: "I Was Thinking…"

59. SLEIGH BELLS: "Tell ‘Em"

58. TV GIRL: "If You Want It"

57. SMITH WESTERNS: "Weekend"

56. EMERALDS: "Candy Shoppe"

55. WALSH: "Untitled (feat. Mat Cothran)"

54. HYETAL: "Phoenix"

53. ERYKAH BADU: "Window Seat"

52. VAMPIRE WEEKEND: "Giving Up The Gun"

51. TEEN INC.: "Fountains"

50. PRIZES: "Canada"

49. YEASAYER: "O.N.E."

48. ARCADE FIRE: "Ready To Start"

47. FREDDIE GIBBS: "National Anthem (Fuck The World)"

46. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM: "You Wanted A Hit"

45. ALICIA KEYS: "Unthinkable (Physical Therapy Real Heavy Vibe)"


43. FANG ISLAND: "Sideswiper"

42. BATHS: "You’re My Excuse To Travel"

41. JOKER: "Tron"

22 December 20105 notes

ARCADE FIRE (circa Aug. 2003)

"Wake Up", "No Cars Go", "Old Flame"

This is apparently the earliest public footage of the band to date (right after their EP was released)… who knew such great things were about to happen.

04 August 20102 notes


MP3: "Ready To Start" (radio rip)

from upcoming release The Suburbs out August 3rd on Merge.

[via We All Want Someone To Shout For]

14 June 201010 notes