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Howdy, gonna break my rules just a bit here so I can get more of this list out to all you fine music-loving folks.  Here’s the next twenty, numbers 60 to 41, from my 100 favorite tracks of 2010.  I know, I know, I know… you must be tearing your eyes out over how many year-end lists the music blogosphere has produced.  So what sets mine apart from the rest?  Listen to find out…

60. GAUNTLET HAIR: "I Was Thinking…"

59. SLEIGH BELLS: "Tell ‘Em"

58. TV GIRL: "If You Want It"

57. SMITH WESTERNS: "Weekend"

56. EMERALDS: "Candy Shoppe"

55. WALSH: "Untitled (feat. Mat Cothran)"

54. HYETAL: "Phoenix"

53. ERYKAH BADU: "Window Seat"

52. VAMPIRE WEEKEND: "Giving Up The Gun"

51. TEEN INC.: "Fountains"

50. PRIZES: "Canada"

49. YEASAYER: "O.N.E."

48. ARCADE FIRE: "Ready To Start"

47. FREDDIE GIBBS: "National Anthem (Fuck The World)"

46. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM: "You Wanted A Hit"

45. ALICIA KEYS: "Unthinkable (Physical Therapy Real Heavy Vibe)"


43. FANG ISLAND: "Sideswiper"

42. BATHS: "You’re My Excuse To Travel"

41. JOKER: "Tron"

22 December 20105 notes

Hey boys and girls, here are my next 10 favorite albums of the year!  Just wanted to touch on some highly respectable up-and-coming artists that released albums that I thought were fantastic and innovative, but were unfortunately not included on this list: Autre Ne Veut, GonjasufiGuido, Infinite Body, Solar Bears, Twin Sister, Sun Araw, Fang Island, The Fresh & Onlys, Andrew Cedermark, Coma Cinema, Shabazz Palaces, and the Odd Future Collective.  Enough text, on to the list.

20. WILD NOTHING - Gemini

"Summer Holiday"

19. DRAKE - Thank Me Later


18. JACK ROSE - Luck In The Valley

"Lick Mountain Ramble"

17. PERFUME GENIUS - Learning


16. THE-DREAM - Love King

"Turnt Out"

15. MELLOWHYPE - BlackenedWhite

"Right Here"

14. BATHS - Cerulean


13. DELOREAN - Subiza

"Simple Graces"

12. ROBYN - Body Talk

"Hang With Me"


"Love Is All"

14 December 20104 notes

09 July 20108 notes