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01 March 20145 notes

01 November 20134 notes

The Chiller Part 2 isn’t the only thing dropping tomorrow. You’ll also be able to rifle through the dusty pages of… The HallowZine

15 October 20126 notes

Mirror Kisses"Takeover"

I took a look into your heart

[from upcoming album Bad Dreams, out soon on Chill Mega Chill]

song available now on the monthly PORTALS Mixtape #4

12 April 20124 notes

Bermuda Bonnie dreams of old western chivalry and cotton candy with her new video for “Say Something”, directed/produced by Oliver Ogden.

You can check out “Say Something” and several other eerie psych-pop sounds from her debut cassette release Drama right here.

via Chill Mega Chill

02 April 20126 notes