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Here’s a perfect nugget of sunshine exuberance from the Massachusetts-based garage pop trio.  ”Damn” features iridescent showers of chiming guitar melody layered onto an exceptional vocal hook that is just ripe for the picking.  You can expect “Damn” on Dom’s upcoming Family Of Love EP out August 9th on Astralwerks.

06 July 201189 notes

We made it guys!  The final 10 songs from my favorite tracks of 2010 compilation.  I’ve provided a brief excerpt that somewhat details what/how I feel when I listen to each song.  I hope everyone will enjoy these songs as much as I have over the past 12 months… looking forward to more fantastic music next year!  It’s been a great one… catch ya on the flip side!  Happy New Year!

10. GRUM: "Through The Night"

Bright neon synths paint the distant landscape — twinkling city skyscrapers organically powered by winding strips of highway and traffic signals — a comforting vocal glow whispers in your ear to “drive straight through the night”, and you believe every word.  Your hands grip the wheel, the engine revs, and without a second thought a cathartic four-on-the-floor backbeat reels it’s fearless head… sending you careening through the starlit night.

09. ROBYN: "Dancing On My Own"

Electrifying tonal pulses spark to life as Robyn’s vocal sass slowly succumbs to a full spectrum of jealous and courageous emotions.  Robyn reminds us to enjoy those unplanned moments of ecstasy and to above all things live for ourselves.

08. TWIN SHADOW: "Slow"

An industrial drum machine huffs and a gritty bass line spins the rusted cogs of this weathered piece of new-wave pop.  George Lewis, Jr. croons against the cold melodies and breathes enough heartache to fog the windows of any strained relationship.

07. THE-DREAM: "Yamaha"

A greased homage to late 80s R&B pop — curtains of sparkling synth chords, airtight rhythm snaps, and a soaring trademark vocal swag that is certainly responsible for many late night backseat romances.

06. MENOMENA: "Dirty Cartoons"

A sauntering vocal melody is effortlessly wrapped in acoustic syncopation, steel drum and bari-sax accents, tinkering piano sonics, and an earthy bass organ.  But when the vocal theme becomes engulfed by exhalations of supplemental harmonies and an enchanting tambourine pulse, your eyes close and you dream of home.

05. CRYSTAL CASTLES: "Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith)"

Sharp and angular, “Not In Love” is teeming with foreboding synthetic melancholy.  Robert Smith earns himself this year’s best “featured” artist attachment with his pained vocal delivery — the titular phrase is tightly clenched, gasping for air with every passing chorus.

04. JAPANDROIDS: "Younger Us"

Buzzing guitar chords rub against each other like sand paper, bounding drum rhythms soften the edges, and a rapidfire shout-a-long vocal anthem infect your brain.  But when those 5 seconds of reverbed anticipation fill the air at the 2:22 mark, you’re reminded of simpler times, those moments of late night, character-defining introspection shared with friends.

03. ONRA: "High Hopes (feat. Reggie B)"

A purple-hued vocal loop lights the fuse on this trunk-rattling, R&B infused dance grind.  Reggie B’s voice is soulful and sultry, igniting sexed-up emotions and delivering them on a rhythmic bass thump from the heart.

02. ACTIVE CHILD: "When Your Love Is Safe"

A beautiful web of synth flourishes fly into focus as Pat Grossi’s angelic musings on promised honesty flutter between feelings of friendship and love.  However, beware, the inescapable chorus melody enters your ears and flows throughout your nervous system, influencing all romantic impulses to fruition.

01. DOM: "Living In America"

Without question my favorite track of the year is the rallying whimsy of Dom’s “Living In America”.  A criminally infectious collection of vibrantly swirling tones, cool splashes of sun-kissed guitar pop distortion, and the ebullient charm of that breezy chorus melody.  ”Living In America” will intoxicate you, forcing you to roll down your car windows, recklessly throw your hands in the air and exclaim: “It’s so sexy!!!”  Couldn’t agree more.

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