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"Ungirthed"The Coolest

Purity Ring is a side project from Corin Roddick, member of the fantastic electro-spazz dance group Gobble Gobble.  Their first official track “Ungirthed” infuses the most enjoyable aspects of Gobble Gobble into a swelling ocean of fractured pop vocals and rumbling melodic bass lines.

The highlight of “Ungirthed” comes from the nearly indecipherable vocalist Megan James.  Her effervescent voice offers a cryptic description of an unforgiving world crumbling around her; however, when that single crystalline pop chorus blooms around the 1:14 mark, the perseverance of the human spirit triumphs — rising above all of life’s hardships.

My only complaint is that “Ungirthed” is far too short… I guess that’s why we always have the repeat button.

24 January 201111 notes

Now we’re cooking!  We are headed in to the final stretch of my favorite songs from 2010.  Numbers 40 through 21 have so much great stuff it’s hard to contain it all in a single post!  Stay tuned… the final 20 will be posted very soon!

40. CARIBOU: "Leave House"

39. DESTROYER: "Chinatown"

38. KISSES: "Bermuda"

37. DEERHUNTER: "Helicopter"

36. JÓNSI: "Grow Till Tall"

35. ELITE GYMNASTICS: "Is This On Me?"

34. FREE ENERGY: "Bang Pop"


32. GUIDO: "Mad Sax"

31. SUN AIRWAY: "Put The Days Away"

30. TORO Y MOI: "You Hid"

29. GOBBLE GOBBLE: "Wrinklecarver"

28. PERFUME GENIUS: "Mr. Peterson"

27. WOLF PARADE: "Little Golden Age"

26. COMA CINEMA: "Her Sinking Sun"

25. TAME IMPALA: "Desire Be Desire Go"

24. HOW TO DRESS WELL: "Ready For The World"

23. WAVVES: "Green Eyes"

22. DRAKE: "Shut It Down (feat. The-Dream)"

21. FUTURE ISLANDS: "An Apology"

23 December 20107 notes


"Nikki (I Am Not The-Dream Cover)"

Finally back from Thanksgiving break and was rewarded by this dark and mesmerizing re-imagining of The-Dream’s Love King standout “Nikki” with your traditionally colorful Gobble Gobble finesse.  Cecil’s rework layers fidgety vocal melismas with wet and cracklin’ backbeat pops.  Hot.

29 November 20106 notes


"Lawn Knives"

Yo Cecil, when will Chapel Hill, NC see a Gobble Gobble performance!?!?  I must experience all the epic sweatiness!

[mp3 via TRGEO / video via Ryan Green]

10 November 20103 notes