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Another official video surfaces for Roads & Boats’ latest “Waking Up (In The Evening)” from the Going Away tape.  Fantastic work from director Paul Krysinski and actor Brodie Spaull.

Don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of Going Away before it’s too late!

via Chill Mega Chill

29 February 20127 notes

Some totally rad vibes out of Canada!


Player 1
1. Vision Quest
2. 1-800
3. Good Things Are Coming
4. Anesthetic

Player 2
5. Waking Up (In The Evening)
6. Mass Appeal
7. Going Away

This one has been a long time in the making, but after you hear it I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that it was worth it.  With that said, pre-orders for Roads & BoatsGoing Away are finally ready to go.  Immerse yourself in a world of neon imagery, 8-bit graphics, and retro sonic soundscapes.  In other words, grab Kelly Kapowski by the hand and take her for a ride on your brand new jet ski.

And when you get back, scope the official vid for “1-800” by Chill Mega Chill video collaborator VHS Dreams and order yourself a copy of this way rad tape, man.

via Chill Mega Chill

14 February 201228 notes