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Mirror Kisses"Takeover"

I took a look into your heart

[from upcoming album Bad Dreams, out soon on Chill Mega Chill]

song available now on the monthly PORTALS Mixtape #4

12 April 20124 notes

Inspired by vampire dance parties


Please welcome Mirror Kisses to the Chill Mega Chill family!  This Virginia-based synth duo harnesses the dark stylings of the 1980s urban dance scene and layers elegant pop hooks with electrifying neon choruses.  You can expect Mirror Kisses’ next collection of songs to hit the Chill Mega Chill store shelves this Spring.  Check the introverted romance of Dance Decree new-wave highlight “Toss Me Aside” below.

“Toss Me Aside”

via Chill Mega Chill

26 January 201227 notes

Mirror Kisses"Love On U (feat. BJ Griffin)"

Do you want my love on you?

[from the Dance Decree/Light Hearted split, available now on BandCamp]

21 November 20117 notes

Mirror Kisses"Kameron"

Hold me close, don’t send me down
I’m floating up, don’t let me drown

[from the Kameron single, freely available from their SoundCloud]

14 November 201111 notes